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The first season of Blake's 7 known as Series A was broadcast in 1978 from January through to March. It consisted of 13 episodes. Every episode was written by Terry Nation with Chris Boucher as script editor.


The first three episodes of Series A were mostly concerned with introducing Roj Blake and those who would eventually make up his crew. Vila Restal and Jenna Stannis were introduced towards the end of the first episode The Way Back whilst Kerr Avon and Olag Gan were introduced in the second episode Space Fall. The Liberator is also introduced in the second episode with the ship's computer Zen debuting in the third.

The final member of Blake's crew Cally was introduced in the fourth episode Time Squad.

Servalan was introduced to the series in the sixth episode Seek-Locate-Destroy along with Travis.

The final two episodes of Series A are linked; introducing Orac to the series in the final episode Orac.

# Title Writer Director Broadcast date Notes
1 The Way Back Terry Nation Michael E. Briant 2 January 1978 First episode
2 Space Fall Pennant Roberts 9 January 1978 First appearance of Kerr Avon and Olag Gan and first apperance of The Liberator
3 Cygnus Alpha Vere Lorrimer 16 January 1978 First episode to be directed by Vere Lorrimer. First appearance of Zen.
4 Time Squad Pennant Roberts 23 January 1978 First episode to feature Cally.
5 The Web Michael E. Briant 30 January 1978
6 Seek-Locate-Destroy Vere Lorrimer 6 February 1978 First appearances of both Servalan and Travis.
7 Mission to Destiny Pennant Roberts 13 February 1978
8 Duel Douglas Camfield 20 February 1978 First appearance of the Mutoids.
9 Project Avalon Michael E. Briant 27 February 1978
10 Breakdown Vere Lorrimer 6 March 1978
11 Bounty Pennant Roberts 13 March 1978
12 Deliverance Michael E. Briant 20 March 1978 First part of 2 part story introducing Orac
13 Orac Vere Lorrimer 27 March 1978 Contains a recap by Blake of the previous episode. Introduction of Orac, and final appearance of Stephen Greif as Travis.


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