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The second season of Blake's 7 - Series B - was broadcast in 1979 from January through to April. It consisted of 13 episodes.


The season premiere, Redemption, resolved the previous season finale's cliffhanger, in which the Liberator was apparently destroyed. This is revealed to be part of a prediction made by the supercomputer Orac, who officially joins the crew. The events that followed answered the mystery of who created the Liberator, which had remained a mystery since the ship's introduction in Space Fall.

Series B is a season in two parts, before and after Pressure Point. Pressure Point seemingly culminates in Blake's desire to bring down Control; the control centre for the Federation. The episode ends with the death of Olag Gan. The following episodes begin Blake's drive to find Star One, the actual control centre of the Federation. Series B ends with its destruction - but it is not at Blake's hand.

The fallout from Pressure Point continues into the following episode, Trial, which sees Travis dismissed from Space Command and becoming a Federation fugitive, continuing to hunt Blake and the Liberator for personal reasons. His relationship with Servalan became increasingly fraught, with them alternately allies or enemies, culminating in him allying with the Andromedans against the Federation.

Series B is the last season to properly feature Blake until the series finale, however a version of him appears in Series C's Terminal. This season's finale also features the final on-screen appearance of Jenna. This season's cliffhanger depicts the Liberator about to engage an Andromedan invasion fleet, but the fight is not seen until Aftermath.

Series B is the final season to feature Travis.

# Title Writer Director Broadcast date Notes
1 Redemption Terry Nation Vere Lorrimer 9 January 1979 First appearance of Peter Tuddenham as Orac.
2 Shadow Chris Boucher Jonathan Wright Miller 16 January 1979 First episode written by Chris Boucher.
3 Weapon Chris Boucher George Spenton-Foster 23 January 1979 First appearance of Brian Croucher as Travis.
4 Horizon Allan Prior Jonathan Wright Miller 30 January 1979 First episode to be written by Allan Prior.
5 Pressure Point Terry Nation George Spenton-Foster 6 February 1979 Final appearance of Olag Gan.
6 Trial Chris Boucher Derek Martinus 13 February 1979
7 Killer Robert Holmes Vere Lorrimer 20 February 1979 First episode written by Robert Holmes.
8 Hostage Allan Prior Vere Lorrimer 27 February 1979
9 Countdown Terry Nation Vere Lorrimer 6 March 1979
10 Voice from the Past Roger Parkes George Spenton-Foster 13 March 1979 First episode written by Roger Parkes.
11 Gambit Robert Holmes George Spenton-Foster 20 March 1979
12 The Keeper Allan Prior Derek Martinus 27 March 1979
13 Star One Chris Boucher David Maloney 3 April 1979 Final regular appearance of Blake until Terminal.

Final appearances of Jenna and Travis.
David Maloney is uncredited as director.


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