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The third season of Blake's 7 - Series C - was broadcast in 1980 from January through to March. It consisted of 13 episodes.


Series C saw the first major change to Blake's 7 with the titular Blake absent from the series and Paul Darrow's Avon promoted to the series lead.

The first episode, Aftermath, takes place immediately following the galactic war begun in the previous episode Star One. It also introduces Dayna Mellanby, who would properly join the Liberator's crew in Powerplay alongside Del Tarrant.

The absence of Blake and Jenna was explained in the opening episode as them having had to abandon the Liberator during the galactic war. Although their former crewmates discussed tracking them down in early episodes, this was soon forgotten.

Servalan appears in nine of the thirteen episodes this season, her highest number of episodes in a year. As a result of the events of Star One, she was now president of the Federation but with a vastly depleted amount of ships and territory. The season opener established a personal rivalry between her and Avon and she spent much of the year plotting to gain control of the Liberator as part of her efforts to consolidate her position.

The final episode of this series Terminal features a return of Gareth Thomas playing Roj Blake (although Blake isn't technically present). This episode also features the final appearance of the Liberator. This episode also features the final on screen appearance of Cally (her voice is heard in the first episode of Series D Rescue).

# Title Writer Director Broadcast date Notes
1 Aftermath Terry Nation Vere Lorrimer 7 January 1980 First appearance of Dayna Mellanby and Del Tarrant
2 Powerplay Terry Nation David Maloney 14 January 1980 David Maloney was uncredited as director for this episode
3 Volcano Allan Prior Desmond McCarthy 21 January 1980
4 Dawn of the Gods James Follett Desmond McCarthy 28 January 1980
5 The Harvest of Kairos Ben Steed Gerald Blake 4 February 1980
6 City at the Edge of the World Chris Boucher Vere Lorrimer 11 February 1980
7 Children of Auron Roger Parkes Andrew Morgan 19 February 1980
8 Rumours of Death Chris Boucher Fiona Cumming 25 February 1980 First episode to be directed by a woman.
9 Sarcophagus Tanith Lee Fiona Cumming 3 March 1980
10 Ultraworld Trevor Hoyle Vere Lorrimer 10 March 1980
11 Moloch Ben Steed Vere Lorrimer 17 March 1980
12 Death-Watch Chris Boucher Gerald Blake 24 March 1980
13 Terminal Terry Nation Mary Ridge 31 March 1980 Final appearance of the Liberator.


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