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The fourth and final season of Blake's 7, Series D, was broadcast in 1981 from September through to December. This was broke the previous three seasons' trend of being broadcast earlier in the year. It consisted of 13 episodes.


Series D instigated major changes to the show. Following the destruction of the Liberator in Series C's Terminal, the crew gain a new ship – Scorpio - which first appears in Rescue. Cally is reported as dead by Avon, though a body is not shown and her voice is heard offscreen. New character Soolin is introduced in the first episode and joins the crew in Power. The crew also gain a combat base on the planet Xenon for this season only.

None of the episodes of Series D were written by Terry Nation. Chris Boucher remained in the role of script editor.

Servalan returns in this season using the pseudonym “Commissioner Sleer”, having reinvented herself and her position in the new Federation, which - following the aftermath of the galactic war in Series C - is rebuilding its empire.

Every episode this season features a title comprising of a single word.

The series finale, Blake, remains one of the bleakest endings to any television series. Boasting Blake's return, it ends with the entire cast appearing to die at the hands of the Federation or Avon.

# Title Writer Director Broadcast date Notes
1 Rescue Chris Boucher Mary Ridge 28 September 1981
2 Power Ben Steed Mary Ridge 5 October 1981 Soolin joins as a regular.
3 Traitor Robert Holmes David Sullivan Proudfoot 12 October 1981
4 Stardrive Jim Follett David Sullivan Proudfoot 19 October 1981
5 Animals Allan Prior Mary Ridge 28 October 1981
6 Headhunter Roger Parkes Mary Ridge 2 November 1981
7 Assassin Rod Beacham David Sullivan Proudfood 9 November 1981
8 Games Bill Lyons Vivienne Cozens 16 November 1981
9 Sand Tanith Lee Vivienne Cozens 23 November 1981
10 Gold Colin Davis Brian Lighthill 30 November 1981
11 Orbit Robert Holmes Brian Lighthill 7 December 1981
12 Warlord Simon Masters Viktors Ritelis 14 December 1981 Final appearance of Servalan.
13 Blake Chris Boucher Mary Ridge 21 December 1981 Final appearances of the regular cast.


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