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The Seska were an all women species, with telekinetic powers boosted by dynamon crystals. Removing the collar containing the crystal required specialised surgery. Orac referred to the crystal as "ingrafted".

War between the Seska and the Hommiks had been waged for some time prior to the crew's arrival on Xenon. Records from the time of Maravik (predecessor of Gunn-Sar) include references to a nucleic burster being thrown in the procreation vault, contaminating the seminal stocks held there. Reports viewed by Dayna Mellanby and Del Tarrant of the last battle mentioned 18 dead and 7 taken, leaving 94 remaining Seska including 52 infants.

The Seska described themselves as experts in tele-ergonomics and energy transference. They assisted Dorian in developing what he thought was a teleport system, but was in fact a tele-ergotron. Kate said that the Seska had worked on developing a teleport "for generations".

They were hunted by the Hommiks to "give them sons", and did their best to find and save daughters left exposed on the hillsides. A week prior to the crew's arrival there were five Seska, but this had dwindled to just three by the time Avon met them: Pella, Kate and Luxia. Luxia was captured and operated on by Nina, a former Seska, and Kate was killed by Pella who, last of the Seska by a matter of minutes, was shot dead by Avon as she tried to take control of Scorpio. (D: Power)