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Shrinker was a Federation interrogator. He delighted in torturing people for information. Like most bullies he was also a coward who switched sides when necessary and pleaded for mercy when others threatened to kill him.

Shrinker worked as a torturer for the interrogation division of Federation security. When rebels temporarily toppled the government he joined them but continued his nefarious work, this time on his former colleagues. When the rebellion was routed, Shrinker returned to the government side.

Kerr Avon thought Shrinker knew about the death of his lover Anna Grant. He arranged to be captured by Federation security but would not reveal his name. After five days of beatings he was confronted by Shrinker who warned him that he would soon be "begging for death". Shrinker began by threatening to burn Avon's eyes with a laser but at that moment Avon used a homing device implanted in his neck to summon his comrades from the Liberator. They teleported to his cell and forced Shrinker to accompany them back to the Liberator.

Avon then took Shrinker to a sealed-up cave. The only way out would be by using the Liberator's teleportation system. Avon told Shrinker that if he wanted a way out of the cave then he would have to cooperate.

The cave included a painting of Anna Grant. Avon accused Shrinker of killing Anna but he denied it, swearing that he had never seen her before.

Avon had originally known Anna when he tried to embezzle five hundred million credits from the Terran Federation banking system. Shrinker explained to Avon that at the time he was being tracked by Bartholomew, Federation security's top agent, and implied that Bartholomew was responsible for Anna's death.

Shrinker also revealed that when he was with the rebels he tortured a Federation security controller. When the controller was close to dying, Shrinker asked him, out of curiosity, who Bartholomew was. The controller could only say that "Councillor Chesku", a close adviser to Servalan, was somehow connected to Bartholomew. Shrinker suggested that Servalan would know Bartholomew's real identity.

Satisfied, Avon teleported back to the Liberator, leaving a gun for Shrinker, saying "That's your way out. It's a better deal than you gave any of your victims!"

Shrinker was thus left behind in the dark sealed-up cave, to either die of hunger and dehydration or to shoot himself with the gun.

In the event, it turned out that Bartholomew was none other than Anna Grant herself who was also married to Councillor Chesku.(C: Rumours of Death)