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Soolin was a mercenary gunfighter and a member of the Scorpio crew.


Early Life[]

Soolin's family were colonists on the agricultural world Gauda Prime. When she was eight her father was killed by mercenaries when the rule of law there was suspended. The rest of her family were also killed at some point. She herself trained as a gunfighter under one of the men responsible, ultimately surpassing his skill. She killed him and the other men responsible.

Dorian's companion[]

She became Dorian's companion and lover although the two did not appear to be particularly closely emotionally involved. She met the survivors of the Liberator on their return from Terminal and discovered Dorian planned to include her with them in the gestalt entity that would extend his life.

Scorpio crewmember[]

After Dorian's death, she initially disappeared in Xenon Base but then reappeared and joined Avon's group. She was a member of the group until their visit to Gauda Prime, when she appeared to be killed along with the rest of her companions.


Soolin did not show her emotions easily. Prone to sarcasm and highly suspicious, she was nevertheless loyal to the Scorpio crew and would occasionally hint at greater depth in her character. While she spoke of 'selling [her] skill' as a gunfighter, there was no evidence that she received payment from the others. She also displayed keen intelligence, figuring out the identity of the assassin Cancer.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Apocryphal sources list Soolin's homeworld as being Darlon Four, but this was never referred to in on TV. It has been suggested that her family left Darlon for Gauda Prime when she was very young, or that Darlon's name was changed along with its status.
  • Soolin returned in the official BBC audio adventures The Syndeton Experiment and The Sevenfold Crown. Glynis Barber declined to reprise her role and was replaced by Paula Wilcox.
  • The character of Soolin was not in the Blake's 7 Reimagined version.
  • Glynis Barber stated in an 2006 interview that she would not have returned for a fifth series, so it is probable that Soolin would have been killed had Series E gone ahead.
  • Soolin appeared in the novel Scorpio Attack written by Trevor Hoyle.
  • Glynis Barber previously appeared as a Mutoid in the Series A episode Project Avalon.