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Space Rats

The Space Rats were an outlaw gang opposed to the Terran Federation's ban of all leisure transport. Motivated by the thrill of speed they drove, flew and otherwise piloted all manner of vehicles, particularly single-pilot space choppers. The Space Rats stole and murdered for their needs and rarely bathed.

Space Rats slang[]

  • bend: beat up or torture to change behaviour.
  • flagging: slow, boring, unpleasant.
  • gook: (epithet) Terran Federation citizen.
Space Rats Party


"They're maniacs, psychopaths! All they live for is sex and violence, booze and speed. And the fellows are just as bad... They're based on an ancient Earth sect of unbelievable viciousness." – Vila Restal, perhaps referring to the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang

"Don't need a bath, sweat's regular." – Bomber, a Space Rat