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The Teal-Vandor Convention was a diplomatic arrangement between the two systems in question. It allowed them to resolve disagreements without the need for full-scale war. (C: Death-Watch)

Rules of the Convention[]

Disputes between Teal and Vandor were resolved by a duel to the death between two equally-equipped champions. The losing side in such a duel had to surrender two-thirds of their fleet and three planets. The combats were overseen by three arbiters (one from each side plus a third, theoretically neutral).

At the time of Tarrant's participation in a combat, inhabitants and visitors to the two systems could remotely participate in them through the use of sensornet, a technology which allowed them to experience the sensations of the two champions.

The family of a defeated champion were allowed to issue a challenge by right of blood feud, although attempting to kill a champion outside a period of declared hostilities incurred a 'summons to justification'. (C: Death-Watch)


Deeta Tarrant became the champion of Teal and defeated many challengers. After about four years the champion of Vandor, Racov, was killed and replaced by Vinni. Vinni was actually an android, a violation of the Convention.

Servalan was the 'neutral' arbiter of the next combat and had been instrumental in putting Vinni in place. Unknown to her Vandorian collaborator, she planned to have Vinni's true nature made public and thus cause war between the two systems, weakening both enough to allow their annexation by the Federation.

Vinni killed Deeta Tarrant as planned, but was challenged by right of blood feud by his brother. The Liberator crew had deduced Servalan's plan and Tarrant avenged his brother with a weapon that disintegrated Vinni, preventing his android nature from becoming known. (C: Death-Watch)