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Blake teleport Shadow

Blake teleporting with Bek and Hanna. (B: Shadow)

Teleportation was a method of instantaneous travel, usually by technological means.

Avon, using his own knowledge and experience of the Liberator teleport, was able to make Dorian's system operational.

Very few specifics of the teleport systems of the Liberator were ever given, apart from a reference to teleport transducers at one point. The Scorpio teleport system required dynamon crystals to function.

System teleport[]

The System's teleporters operated through the conjunction of a teleport bay and a Teleport bracelet. The subject stood within the bay and was teleported instantaneously to the target destination, or vice versa. It was necessary to wear a teleport bracelet in order to be retrieved.

The Liberator teleport was also capable of teleporting individuals from one point to another on a planet's surface, without returning to the ship, but this function was rarely employed.

The Liberator teleport was at least partly reliant on the element aquitar, in the bracelets if nowhere else. The teleport had a maximum range of somewhere over 1000 spacials and could be blocked by certain energy shields (the system could be modified to circumvent this).

Keezarn teleport[]

The Keezarn teleport system had been developed millenia earlier. It had a theoretically limitless range: one teleport terminal was on Keezarn itself, the other on a spacecraft thousands of light-years away. It appeared to function more like a 'gate' or a physical doorway than the System teleport. (C: City at the Edge of the World)

Dorian's teleport[]

Dorian, with the help of the Seska, had attempted to build a teleport system but was unsuccessful. Despite this, teleport bays had been installed in Xenon Base and on Scorpio. With Orac's assistance the system was made operational fairly quickly.

Federation experiments in teleportation[]

The Federation had carried out extensive work on the possibility of developing a teleport (a 'big project', as Blake observed). Both Blake and Avon were tangentially involved in the teleport project but did not know of each other at the time. The Federation made some progress, correctly realising the significance of aquitar, but a working system eluded them even after capturing teleport bracelets from the Liberator on numerous occasions.

Psionic teleportation[]

Orac once stated that psychic teleportation was impossible. It appears to have been wrong in this instance as Sinofar was able to teleport Blake, Jenna, Travis and a Mutoid to the surface of her planet without using technology. It is possible, however, that Sinofar's teleportation was effected via an advanced technology that was indistinguishable from psychic teleportation.(A: Duel)

The undead alien from the Sarcophagus vessel could also apparently teleport itself short distances. (C: Sarcophagus)

Aided by the moon discs, Cally was able to teleport Orac's key into her hand over a tremendous distance (from the Liberator in orbit to the surface of the planet Zondar), but she referred to this ability as telekinetic.