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A teleport bracelet was an intrinsic part of the teleport systems of both the Liberator and the Scorpio.

In order to be retrieved or transferred from a remote location by teleport, a bracelet had to be worn. The bracelets all included a communications link with their point of origin.

The Liberator bracelets were fairly fragile, easily broken with the bare hands. (A: Cygnus Alpha)

The Liberator bracelets could not be deactivated; if one wished to avoid an unwanted recall by teleport it was necessary to take the bracelet off.

The Liberator crew in particular were rather profligate when it came to losing teleport bracelets.

One captured bracelet appeared to turn up in Servalan's base on Terminal. (C: Terminal)

Behind the scenes[]

Apocryphal sources claim Scorpio's bracelets were constructed from titanium and could be directly programmed with landing co-ordinates.[source needed]