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Terminal was an artificial planet used briefly by Servalan as a base. It was the location of the destruction of the Liberator. (C: Terminal)

Geography and ecology[]

Terminal was unusual in that it was visibly ovoid rather than spherical. It had a breathable atmosphere, and several landmasses and oceans. To visitors standing on the surface the unusual shape of the planet did not appear discernible.

Unusual life-forms on the planet included large vaguely serpentine predators and the Links, savage ape-like creatures. According to Servalan, the Links were the product of an experiment in accelerated evolution and were the future form of humanity. (C: Terminal)


Terminal was constructed by a consortium of planets over four centuries prior to Blake's time (although Dorian claimed the planet had only been 'artificially modified'). Its original location was within the solar system between the orbits of Earth and Mars, but through unknown means it was eventually moved to somewhere in Sector 6. It was generally believed to have broken up, and was described by Del Tarrant as a 'historical curiosity'.

Servalan set up an underground base on Terminal as part of a plan to lure Avon there and take the Liberator. For once the plan worked perfectly but by the time she took control of the ship it was already undergoing massive systems and structural failure due to passage through a fluidic particle cloud en route, and disintegrated as she attempted to leave orbit. (C: Terminal)

The complex she had used on Terminal, along with the ship she had arrived in, were rigged with explosives. Cally died in the blast and Orac was damaged. It was at this time that Dorian visited Terminal, supposedly looking to salvage equipment from the planet. The Liberator survivors left with him aboard the Scorpio. (D: Rescue)


  • The planet is revisited in Tony Attwood's non-canonical sequel novel Afterlife, in which it's used as a new base by Avon, Vila and their new ally Korell. They discover a much more expansive underground complex and gain the ability to drive the planet through space. It's also found that the Links on the planet are one of many types of creatures living there, as life on Terminal is capable of evolving in its constantly changing environment. Other creatures include white tigers and affable bat-like creatures.