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The Classic Adventures: The Complete Series One was a full cast audio anthology released in 6 August 2021 by Big Finish Productions. It collected all six stories from the first series of The Classic Audio Adventures.

Publisher's summary[]

Blake is trying to bring down the Federation, Travis is trying to destroy Blake. As the Federation continues to develop new weaponry, Blake and his crew face constant danger and risk losing everything...

1.1 Fractures by Justin Richards

An attack by Travis and a squad of Federation pursuit ships leaves the Liberator damaged, its engines in desperate need of repair.

Blake is forced to take his ship into The Derelict Zone, which is filled with hundreds of drifting spacecraft that never made it out alive...

The same fate awaits his crew. Because the time long expected has come... one of them has turned traitor.

1.2 Battleground by Andrew Smith

Blake and the crew of the Liberator have a new mission - and their target is on Straxis, a planet also known as Battleground 9. Straxis is a training ground for thousands of Federation troops, and the Liberator has journeyed directly into their sights.

Has Blake finally picked a battle he cannot possibly win?

1.3 Drones by Marc Platt

The assistance of the Liberator crew is urgently needed on Straxis - but Roj Blake has acute problems of his own…

After taking drastic emergency measures, Blake, Vila and Cally teleport back into a war zone in a bid to make new allies. But the Federation is testing advanced new weaponry here.

And Vila looks set to be an early target…

1.4 Mirror by Peter Anghelides

Orac has tracked Space Major Kade – the man who killed Jenna’s father – to the planet Vere.

Jenna wants her revenge, but that must wait. Blake needs her to pilot the Liberator to Stellidar Four, where he has a small window of opportunity to solve the mystery of a new Federation device.

It’s a daring plan. And it could be the beginning of the end for the Liberator crew.

1.5 Cold Fury by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

When Travis scores a victory over the Liberator crew, Blake is willing to risk everything in order to get back what is theirs.

The destination is the uninhabited ice world Horst Minor, where eugenics specialist Dr Tirus is working on experiments for the Federation President.

Horst Minor has many secrets. And Blake is not going to like what he finds there...

1.6 Caged by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Roj Blake and the President of the Terran Federation stand face to face. Two men with polar opposite political views, meeting for the first and last time.

The long crusade is at an end. And Blake stands to lose everything that matters in his life...


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 Fractures Justin Richards Ken Bentley 6 August 2021 BFPB7CA01COMP
1.2 Battleground Andrew Smith
1.3 Drones Marc Platt
1.4 Mirror Peter Anghelides
1.5 Cold Fury Mark Wright, Cavan Scott
1.6 Caged


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