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The Liberator Chronicles: Volume 11 was an audio anthology released in March 2015 by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

11.1 Brother by Nigel Fairs

Auron scientist Gustav Nyrron is back aboard the Liberator, on his way home. But Avon does not trust him, and soon a drugged Nyrron wakes to find himself in Avon’s clutches on a devastated world. In this desert, their pasts are waiting for them… and a devastating truth that will shake their very beliefs to the core.

11.2 Poison by Iain McLaughlin

Federation Freighter Antares is a ship with many secrets. Why is it making regular runs to a heavily guarded frontier world? Why is the hold out of bounds? And who is watching the crew’s every move?

Events take a dangerous turn when two new recruits come on board. Will Jance and Voss survive their very first mission together?

11.3 Escape from Destiny by Andrew Smith

When the Liberator receives a distress signal from a planet it once helped save, Cally and Vila journey to a civilisation on the brink of collapse.

There, they encounter Pasco, a scientist Cally first met years ago. The Federation is closing on Destiny - but should Vila and Cally stand in the way this time?


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
11.1 Brother Nigel Fairs March 2015 BFPB7BOX011
11.2 Poison Iain McLaughlin
11.3 Escape from Destiny Andrew Smith


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