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The Liberator Chronicles: Volume 4 was an audio anthology released in 3 May 2013 by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

Three enhanced audiobooks performed by the stars of the classic BBC television series. These stories are set during Series 1.

4.1 Promises by Nigel Fairs

Saurian Minor. A dead rock in space.

Cally is alone with Travis, Blake's mortal enemy, both trapped on this desolate world - and someone has brought them here for a reason.

As they delve into the past, a long-hidden secret that links them both is uncovered.

Gradually, the truth about Scetona Clorensis will be revealed...

4.2 Epitaph by Scott Harrison

When the Liberator picks up a distress call from a stricken strip, Jenna and Vila teleport across. For Jenna, it's the chance for a reunion with a fellow smuggler.

But the cry for help is not what it appears, and Jenna will meet the surviving members of her family.

The reunion will take her on a deadly mission - one from which not everyone will come out alive...

4.3 Kerr by Nick Wallace

Supreme Commander Servalan believes she has a vital insight into the Liberator crew - a clone of Avon.

He looks the same. He sounds the same. He even appears to think the same.

And he offers to spring a trap that will bring down Blake and his crew.

But can the clone be trusted?


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
4.1 Promises Simon Fairs Lisa Bowerman 3 May 2013 BFPB7BOX004
4.2 Epitaph Scott Harrison
4.3 Kerr Nick Wallace


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