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The Terra Nostra was a full cast audio anthology released in 16 January 2022 by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

The Terra Nostra deal in whatever's dirty, degrading, and cruel on every civilised world. Weapons, racketeering, smuggling, assassinations, territory disputes. Their tentacles stretch and unfurl across the galaxy.

Jenna and Vila each learn the hard way that they can never escape the Terra Nostra's plots and conspiracies.

1. Stimulus/Response by James Kettle

Jenna Stannis has resumed her smuggling career after leaving the Liberator, and Stor Jayden is a dream location to unload her contraband.  The Terra Nostra have other ideas. And with a reformist president recently elected on the planet, can Jenna escape with her cargo - or her life?

2. Entrapment by Robert Valentine

A heist to rip off the Terra Nostra requires a master cracksman. Fortunately for Kyzer Frik, he's found one. Unfortunately for Vila Restal, it's him. But as Frik comes to suspect a spy in his crew, how long before he decides that it's reluctant member Vila?

3. The Offer by Peter Anghelides

Fleeing from his enemies, Vila Restal sneaks back into Space City. But it's more difficult than he thought to get rescued - especially when he discovers he can't trust an old friend.  To save himself, must he betray the Liberator crew to the Terra Nostra?


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1 Stimulus/Response James Kettle Lisa Bowerman Jenna 16 January 2022 BFPB7WB7TN01
2 Entrapment Robert Valentine Vila
3 The Offer Peter Anghelides


  • The Terra Nostra are inspired by the real Italian-American mob organisation Cosa Nostra. "Cosa Nostra" translates to "our thing" or "this thing of ours", a phrase chosen for its lack of criminal connotations (that might be useful for prosecution). "Terra Nostra", on the other hand, translates to "our Earth", subtly referencing the Federation's ownership of the organisation. The organisation was introduced in "Shadow".
  • Producer Peter Anghelides stated on Twitter that The Terra Nostra takes place "during Season C".[1]

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