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The Worlds of Blake's 7 was a series of audio adventures produced by Big Finish Productions. Each release on this series focused on adventures beyond those of the Liberator's crew. While some of the releases were full-cast stories, others were audiobooks narrated by a single actor.



Main article: Avalon (audio)

Volume One[]

Main article: Avalon: Volume One
# Title Author Featuring Published
1.1 Terra Firma Steve Lyons Avalon, Jenna 25 May 2021
1.2 Throwback Gary Russell Avalon, Travis
1.3 Black Water Trevor Baxendale Avalon, Dev Tarrant

Volume Two[]

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# Title Author Featuring Published
2.1 Bayban's Bounty Niel Bushnell Avalon, Bayban 15 June 2021
2.2 Mercenary Christopher Cooper Avalon, Dev Tarrant
2.3 Heart of Ice Steve Lyons Avalon, The President, Travis

The Clone Masters[]

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# Title Author Featuring Published
1 Separation Tim Foley Cally, Jenna 28 September 2021
2 The Rule of Life Travis
3 The Conclave Cally, Travis

Bayban the Butcher[]

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# Title Author Featuring Published
1 Conscience Katharine Armitage Bayban, Jenna 20 December 2021
2 The Butcher's Wife Lizzie Hopley Bayban, Travis
3 Vengeance Games Lizbeth Myles Bayban, Vila

The Terra Nostra[]

Main article: The Terra Nostra (audio)
# Title Author Featuring Published
1 Stimulus/Response James Kettle Jenna 16 January 2022
2 Entrapment Robert Valentine Vila
3 The Offer Peter Anghelides

Heroes and Villains[]

Main article: Heroes and Villains (audio)
# Title Author Featuring Published
1 The Amagon Queen Trevor Baxendale Jenna, Amagons 12 May 2022
2 The Deal with Dorian Mark B Oliver Jenna, Cally, Dorian
3 Everyone Talks to Shrinker Andrew Smith Jenna, Cally, Shrinker

After the War[]

Main article: After the War (audio)
# Title Author Featuring Published
1 Andromeda One Trevor Baxendale Travis 29 November 2022
2 Fallout Steve Lyons Jenna
3 The Enemy Katharine Armitage Jenna, Cally

Allies and Enemies[]

Main article: Allies and Enemies (audio)
# Title Author Featuring Published
1 Saurian Major Lizbeth Myles Arlen, Cally 20 December 2022
2 No Name Simon Guerrier Arlen, Travis
3 Sedition Jonathan Morris Arlen, Jenna, Travis

Tie-in audiobooks[]

Title Author Featuring Tie-in to Published
The Rule of Death Trevor Baxendale Blake The Clone Masters 28 September 2021
Bayban Ascending Nigel Fairs Bayban, Gan Bayban the Butcher 23 February 2022
Zero Point Mark B Oliver (from a story concept by Scott Harrison) The Terra Nostra 29 September 2022

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