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Federation troopers

Federation troopers on Earth (A: The Way Back)

Federation troopers made up the rank-and-file of the Terran Federation military. They were characterised by a ruthless attitude towards resistance. Uniforms consisted of black outfits adorned with the Federation symbol, usually accompanied by a helmet with a hinged visor which concealed all features. It was Federation troopers that carried out the massacres of Roj Blake's original followers and later of Bran Foster's rebel group. (A: The Way Back)

Blake's campaigns against the Federation often saw the Liberator crew come into conflict with their troopers at secure installations such as the communications complex on Saurian Major (A: Time Squad), the cypher machine base on Centero (A: Seek-Locate-Destroy) and Q-Base on Fosforon (B: Killer). They also provided the security at the folly where Sarkoff was kept (A: Bounty) and the base Avalon was taken to. (A: Project Avalon)

Federation troopers tended to be stationed on colony worlds where the loyalty of the population was suspect such as Horizon (B: Horizon) and Albian (B: Countdown). They also operated at Servalan's command station (B: Trial) (B: Star One) and on her flagship (C: The Harvest of Kairos), as well as her presidential residence (C: Rumours of Death). They would occasionally accompany Servalan and Travis on operations such as the attempt to acquire IMIPAK. (B: Weapon) They were responsible for the ambush of Governor Le Grand's rebels. (B: Voice from the Past)

Occasionally, specialist units were seen. The shadow plantation on Zonda was guarded by the President's personal security force (B: Shadow) while the troopers who boarded the Liberator in the aftermath of the Intergalactic War were from the Federation's Death Squad. (C: Powerplay)

Federation troopers took part in Servalan's operation on Obsidian during which a number of them managed to board the Liberator for a time. (C: Volcano) Federation renegade Section Leader Grose managed to form his own army of troopers who remained on Sardos after his death. (C: Moloch)

Following Servalan's downfall and the establishment of the pacification programme, Federation troopers were once more deployed to subdue populations on planets such as Helotrix (D: Traitor) and Mecron-2 (D: Games). A group of troopers ambushed Kerr Avon and Soolin on Betafarl after they were lured into a trap by Zukan. (D: Warlord)

Finally, it was Federation troopers who were responsible for the massacre of the Scorpio crew at Blake's base on Gauda Prime. (D: Blake)