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Ultraworld was the tenth episode of Series C it was first broadcast 10 March 1980.


From the VHS release:

The Ultra spend their lives on Ultraworld collecting information and Cally and Avon's brain patterns are next on their list. Now the race is on! Tarrant and Dayna must reach them before they are absorbed into the Core...


The Liberator comes across an artificial construct Ultraworld, although Vila is more interested in trying to teach Orac how jokes work. Left alone on the flight deck, Cally is transfixed while staring at Ultraworld and next morning the crew find her gone. They detect what is apparently a distress call from her inside Ultraworld, but which is actually faked.

Avon, Tarrant and Dayna teleport across and encounter a trio of silver-skinned humanoids, the Ultra. The Ultra explain they are seeking out all the knowledge of the universe and mention details about Avon and Tarrant. They then show them an unconscious Cally, who they claim was injured in an accident and is being healed. Avon stays with her while Tarrant and Dayna explore the ship. They come across a group of blank-minded zombies, who the Ultra dub menials, and Tarrant views the memory record of one of them, Relf, learning that the Ultra feed the brain patterns of those they capture into Ultraworld's Core.

The Ultra have already extracted Cally's mind and do the same to Avon. Tarrant and Dayna are captured by the menials but the Ultras offer her to replace them all if the pair demonstrate the one gap in their knowledge of humanity: the human mating ritual. Tarrant and Dayna agree but this is merely a ruse to use a concealed explosive to blast their way out of the cell. They prevent Avon and Cally's bodies from being fed to the Core, the fate of all the blanks not turned into menials, and Tarrant manages to retrieve and reimplant their minds.

Meanwhile, the Ultra transfix Vila and force him to fly the Liberator into Ultraworld. As they are doing so, Orac directs Vila to recite his jokes. Avon uses the Ultra's equipment to locate the ship and Tarrant kills two Ultras while guarding the door. Since their teleport bracelets have been destroyed, they instruct Vila to open the airlock. The remaining Ultra finds the Core collapsing and disintegrates.

With the crew back onboard, the Liberator blasts clear as Ultraworld collapses. Vila informs the crew that he was the one who saved them and Orac confirms that Vila distracted the Core while he reflected its beams back at it and caused its talking gibberish.



Story notes[]

  • This is the only story written by Trevor Hoyle.
  • Sheelagh Wells had to concoct a special type of make-up that would crack and crumble on cue. This was more difficult than it sounds, especially when studio lighting conditions are taken into account. However she prevailed and the Ultra's face crumbled right on cue.
  • Sheelagh Wells asked for her onscreen credit to be removed from this serial after disagreements with costume designer Nicholas Rocker. Despite her protests, she was presented with costumes that both dislodged the Ultras' neck veins, and rubbed off her blue skin paint. As a result, she asked for her name to be taken off the episode as Make-Up Artist.
  • Three bald actors were required for the Ultras. One was willing to shave his head, while another was reluctant.
  • Michael Keating was suggested for the role of Vila after appearing in the Doctor Who serial, "The Sun Makers". The tunnels in this episode are the same ones featured in that story - Camden Town Deep Shelter, London, NW1.
  • This was reportedly Michael Keating's least favourite episode.



Filming locations[]

Camden Deep Tunnels

Production errors[]

To be added.


  • Servalan is mentioned.
  • The Ultras state that Avon tried to steal five hundred million credits from the Federation banking system. In Space Fall, the figure was given as five million and he dreamed of stealing a hundred million.


Avon: Vila is teaching Orac? No, it doesn't make sense.

Avon: I told you to stand by, not lie down.

Avon: You have to make me sleep. I intend to suffer from insomnia.

Home video releases[]

Series 3 DVD

DVD cover

  • Original BBC video release (Volume 18) in 1992.
  • Fabulous Films video reissue (Volume 18) on 3 May 1999.
  • DVD release as part of the Series 3 box set on 20 June 2005.

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