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Apparently/presumably/maybe/etc[edit source]

First off, I'll thank your for rewording that statement. We might not be Wikipedia, but this is still a wiki, so any words that are speculative, such as "apparently" and "presumably" should be avoided. There reason is quite simple really: they don't actually give any information to a reader. The text, as it was, gave an unfamiliar reader nothing (me, in fact, as I have still not watched either of these episodes. I think you'll agree that the previous "At the end of this episode, Servalan apparently believes Avon and Tarrant to be dead" is less informative than your newly revised version "At the end of the episode, Servalan believes Avon and Tarrant to be dead, stating that a universe without them will take some getting used to"

We can't assume all readers of a page will be familiar with the episode, so we should try to avoid speculating. Note how your revision gave the information to the reader without needing to speculate. Anyway, I apreciate you effort in helping expand this wiki these last few days. If you should encounter any more informated presented with speculative words, and are familiar with the source material, please edit them accordingly to what you've done in this case. Thanks and happy editing. :) OncomingStorm12th (talk) 01:36, August 1, 2019 (UTC)

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