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Ven Glynd was an Arbiter General of the Federation's Justice Department on Earth, and a key figure in organising the false evidence which led to Blake's deportation to Cygnus Alpha. (A: The Way Back)

Glynd Voice from the Past

Ven Glynd during his second encounter with Blake

Later, he lured Blake to Asteroid P-K118 using an artificial telepathy transmitter, only to reveal that he had defected from the Federation with enough evidence to discredit it and Space Command at the planetary governor's summit on Atlay. This evidence included Blake's trial, as well as knowledge of Servalan's unauthorised offer of 100 million credits for Orac. Governor LeGrand, also party to this intended coup, claimed that she and Ven Glynd had been working together "for years", implicitly prior to Blake's second trial. Although not included in LeGrand's triumvirate, his role was crucial, and Travis (disguised as Shivan) called him an eminence gris. Like LeGrand, Ven Glynd supported the notion of Blake as leader of the prospective new regime. He seemed sincere enough, and it is possible that he played along with events on Earth in order to maintain his own cover, though "Shivan" accused him of planning to use Blake as a puppet leader while he controlled from the shadows, which he did not directly respond to. He was shot and wounded in the conference centre on Atlay while attempting to escape an ambush by Federation troops that killed LeGrand, then killed by a shot from Travis. (B: Voice from the Past)