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Xenon Base was an underground complex on the planet Xenon, constructed at least in part by Dorian. It was used by Avon and his followers after the destruction of the Liberator.


Xenon Base may at least in part have been built using pre-existing structures from the Xenon civilisation. Its main features were the control room, crew areas, medical section, and armoury, along with the Scorpio hangar and launch platform. The platform rose to the launch and landing bay when required and realigned the ship upon landing. The bay itself opened onto a rock wall at the end of a valley. The hangar could also accommodate other ships if required to, and was adjacent to a freight bay.

There were at least two entrances onto the surface of Xenon. Beneath the base was the cavern in which Dorian's creature was kept prisoner, though this was ultimately sealed by Avon using explosives.

The control room was fitted with a teleport bay. A satellite orbiting the planet gave the crew pictures and information concerning activity in the Xenon system.


Dorian appears to have built and equipped at least part of Xenon Base. He was ultimately joined there by Soolin, and she may have had predecessors as his companion.

After Dorian's death Avon and his followers took over the base, although not without a little difficulty. They attempted to use it as a gathering point for resistance to the Federation, but this ultimately failed when the base was severely damaged by explosives planted by Finn, on the orders of Zukan.

Considering the base to be compromised now, Avon and his followers abandoned it. It was totally destroyed by explosives shortly after they left it for the final time.