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Zachary Lazarus was the Head of the Federation's Secret Police.

Lazarus had bad history with Avon, vowing to kill him when he got the chance. He set up an elaborate ruse to capture Avon, with Pandora acting as bait for the Liberator crew to catch. Avon picked up on this ruse and exposed it as a trap; he then travelled to the planet Rock to confront Lazarus in accordance with the latter's plan.

Lazarus treated their final showdown as something of a social event, inviting Avon to drink cognac with him and play Russian Roulette as a means of settling their differences using an old-fashioned revolver. Avon promptly used said revolver to kill him. (Prose: Rock Star)

He is one of three people described by Paul Darrow as the "number one computer expert" originally acknowledged in Space Fall. The two other candidates include Eve Adams (Erebus) and Maco (Avon: A Terrible Aspect).