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Zeeona was the daughter of Zukan. She met Avon and Tarrant when they travelled to Betafarl to discuss an alliance against the Federation. When Zukan travelled to Xenon with the equipment to set up manufacture of the vaccine against pylene-50, Zeeona travelled on the freighter Lodestar without his knowledge.

Zeeona's stated reason for going along was that she was a biogenetics engineer and could help install the equipment, but in fact she had gone because she was attracted to Tarrant. He and Soolin helped hide her from Zukan, who Zeeona felt only wanted her to spend time with people who were respectable. She and Tarrant shared a romantic encounter but were interrupted by Avon and Zukan. Zeeona had initially planned to return to Betafarl on the Lodestar but now planned to return with Tarrant on Scorpio.

Zukan arranged for Avon and Soolin to crew Scorpio instead but Soolin managed to teleport Zeeona back to Xenon without his knowledge, where she again spent time alone with Tarrant. She ended up trapped in Xenon Base with him, Vila and Dayna when a series of explosions in the freight area killed the Betafarl technicians (one of whom, Jarder, was personally known to her) and left the base contaminated. When Dayna revealed it was a radioactive airborne virus, Zeeona realised it had been developed on Betafarl and Zukan had betrayed them.

Zeeona listened in to the three way communication between the base, Scorpio and Zukan's crippled ship and begged Zukan to help them find fresh air. Zukan however refused to believe she was still on Xenon, thinking it was a trick. After Avon worked out how to get fresh air, Zeeona seemed to sense Zukan's death when his ship exploded.

When Scorpio arrived in orbit, Zeeona teleported up with the others but volunteered to go back down to adjust the equipment and decontaminate the base, insisting it had to be her. She successfully reprogrammed the equipment but died when she removed her protective suit's glove before decontamination was complete. (D: Warlord)